Officia Nordelta

Officia Nordelta is situated in the Bancalari corridor. The area presents a lot of movement of cars, but few pedestrian paths. With its strategic location, it is necessary to think not only of a building but also of a space with a scale prepared to receive people.

On the ground floor, the Central Plaza functions as the only access, giving it a contained character with expansion, access, and commercial functions. The layout of the functional units offers flexibility not only in the type of use but also in their arrangement.

The office floors have a horizontal character organized through patios and breaks materialized by the cores, allowing multiple subdivision options and a great spatial quality. Spaces encourages the interaction of people, valuing meeting places and contact with the outside world. Expansions related to both offices or common spaces take on a new importance: dining rooms, informal meeting rooms, relaxation areas, gym, and events. The patios and voids provide natural lighting, cross ventilation, and great spatial quality.

The location of the lot, and the natural characteristics of the environment, make the landscape have a strong presence, which leads to consider the need to generate a recognizable image. The volume is thought of as an isotype, a synthetic form that generates a great impact.