The office is located in a corner in the Martinez neighborhood in Buenos Aires Argentina. This area is currently undergoing a period of renovation in which old horse studs are being substituted for new office and restaurant developments, consolidating a new ventral area in the city of San Isidro. Due to its situation as a corner site, it was determined that the metal sheet would act accordingly. This way a metal sheet volume is generated through numerous displacements, creating new situations towards the corner both horizontally and vertically. This way, the roof elevates creating a light entrance, the upper level tensions towards the corner, and in the lower a patio is generated. It was determined to work with metal sheets as an expressive material, looking to give the building a factory-like feel, and the possibility the material enables to build in a fast and economic way. The intention was to create a continuous and flexible workspace that can undergo different configurations; therefore the service area was located outside this volume. We believe in the importance of looking for a space that responds to the way we perceive the way of working in our profession. Outdoor spaces are also thought as reflection areas and workspaces.