Vizu House

On narrow plots of land, the way in which elements are laid out can generate one space in front of the building and another behind it. As this site allowed us to capture a long, deep view over Lake Nahuel Huapi from both indoor and outdoor spaces, we needed to think strategically about how to distribute the different parts of the building along the slope.

The construction takes up the entire plot of land, creating different spaces through retaining walls that produce horizontal indoor and outdoor spaces. A single volume of black sheet metal stands out. It is perpendicular to the slope so that nothing blocks the view of the steps down towards the lake and up away from it.

In contrast with the landscape, clearly expressing the fact that it is an artificial object, the house appeals to the unconscious mind and is reminiscent of that archetypal drawing of a house, thus establishing a relationship of empathy with the built environment. All the public spaces in the building are contained in this volume, a space that looks out over the lake, capturing the landscape in its entirety, with nothing standing in front… it is almost like being on the edge of a mountain.