White House

In a gated community, the natural landscape is intensely intervened by men. However, the original topographic conditions still remain intact under the intervened carpet. One has to observe slowly. Only in a few occasions, in a flat landscape colonized by houses, it is possible to see far way. In some few instances, the flat landscape breaks and turns into a slope, allowing seeing over the buildings. 

In a land with a slight slope, the ground level elevates over the street, with the objective optimize the void space left in the house front, in order to achieve exceptional views of the landscape. This way, the original visual limits are modified and de land gets double views: in the back to the golf course, and in the front to the horizon. Through and white spaces capture this double views, making both landscape interact in the house´s interiors. The house, like any other, sets delicately, giving importance to the new nature built in this suburban neighborhood.