Officia Nordelta

Inaguration: 2021

Status: Finished

Location: Tigre

Surface: 26000 m2

Officia Nordelta is located in the Bancalari corridor, a strategic area in the northern region of Buenos Aires. It is an area with heavy vehicular traffic but limited pedestrian activity. Given its strategic location, it is necessary to consider not only the construction of a building but also the creation of a space with the appropriate scale designed to accommodate people.

On the Ground Floor, the central square serves as the sole access point, giving it a contained character that allows for expansion, access, and commercial activities. The layout of the functional units on the floor plan offers flexibility not only in the type of use but also in their arrangement.

The offices have a horizontal character. This is expressed through courtyards and voids which are materialized by the cores, allowing for multiple subdivision options and high spatial quality. Spaces that facilitate interaction among people are promoted, giving value to meeting areas and contact with the outdoors. Expansions related to both offices or common areas gain new importance. Dining areas, informal meeting rooms, relaxation areas, gyms, and events spaces are part of the environmental quality of the layout, which must provide flexibility and functionality for these activities. The courtyards and voids within the layout provide natural lighting, cross ventilation, and high spatial quality.

The location of the plot and the natural characteristics of the surroundings give the landscape a strong presence, leading to the consideration of the need to create a recognizable image. The volumetrics are conceptualized as an isotopic representation, a synthetic form that delivers a significant impact and holds prominence.


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