Naos House

The house is located in Bariloche on a hill, surrounded by trees with views towards Otto hill to the northwest.

As a game of opposites, the territory is intervened with a single construction element: a peripheral structure that alludes to Greek temples, it establishes a relationship with the environment where the artificial seeks to highlight the character of the natural surroundings.

The perimeter structure made up of stone partition walls generates a dual perception, the volume can be perceived more transparent or more solid depending on where the observer is. These partition walls also protect the interior from the most unfavorable orientation, the west, having a controlled entrance of light and allowing the best views towards the Otto hill in the common spaces.

The house seeks to frame the landscape in a dynamic painting that changes according to how one walks through the house, recognizing different views of a unique landscape.

The house is developed on two levels, accompanying the slope of the land and ordering the situations of use according to the occupants who inhabit it.