Bitelhaus is a house on Buenos Aires city’s outskirts. We seek to condense in it the concept of a weekend house: low maintenance, with a direct relationship with the outside and that can be easily opened and closed. In a green land, the house was located perpendicular to the street in order to obtain a northeast orientation in the use spaces, and generate a landscape, where a pre-existing araucaria and an elm, are the protagonists.

The house is resolved in a linear volume of white pre-painted sheet metal with a system of mobile panels in order to respond to the main premises. The spaces are organized with the same hierarchy, in a sequence of environments in direct relation to the outside, incorporating the semi-covered as an indeterminate space.

A weekend house is used to live the outdoor spaces in moments of leisure and in social gatherings. That is why the interior-exterior relationship is present in all spaces. Thus, the house is entered through an intermediate space: the gallery, which becomes the articulator of all the spaces, is the entrance hall that connects the garden, the living room and the multipurpose space / garage.