CC House

The house is located on a terrain that towards the street has the particularity of being in a forest of leafy crowns and in its quiet part it has views towards a golf course.

Towards the most public part, the house is perceived like a solid and impermeable object of pirca stone, generating privacy due to the height of its walls that prevent the view from the street. Over them two large glazed panels are located, inclined upwards allowing to see the crown of trees and give the feeling of being in the middle of the forest. These cloths frame a landscape that is dynamic, being able to see at a certain moment the green crowns of the trees that filter the northern light, the falling snow or even the stars and the moon at night.

Towards the back there are large windows with open views towards the golf course, where the white walls frame the view and draw our attention to the more distant landscape that is incorporated into the interior.