M House

The land is located in a forest with a steep slope towards the street. The gaze distance is short, that is, there is no distant landscape to capture and there is no far distance where the intervention is perceived. Thus, the landscape to be incorporated is the immediate one, which can be defined almost in its own lot.

Starting from the premises of generating a compact house, the desire to find the virtuous and special in the experience of climbing a mountain, consequently structuring the spaces on the ground as one goes up the mountainside, looking for the gaze towards the treetops and the sun. The covered spaces are materialized in a single volume of wood that has contact with the ground only at its edges, letting the ravine pass underneath, and searching through the circulatory system for continuity in the ascending path of the entire terrain. It is proposed to generate in the ravine, a flat garden that is projected into the house, seeking a continuity between the forest and the meeting areas.