ML House

The house is located in a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs of the city, on a plain lot where there was a tree that was preserved.

The project seeks to separate the different situations of the house through the slab that contains on the upper floor the private spaces with their own gardens and on the ground floor the spaces of social life, open and related to the garden. The particularity is that they could be two independent houses, both in their interior and exterior spaces.

The existing tree that rises from the gallery breaks through the slab that supports a green plane for the private areas. At the same time, it receives a stone volume, a container space marked by its materiality, where the master bedroom is developed, a house to sleep, rest, and work. The slab covers, with a significant height, open and glazed spaces, creating an atmosphere for sharing where meetings, parties and events take place, vitally relating the experiences with the views of the garden.